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Cockpits Accessories 

Cockpits Accessories

Cockpits Accessories 

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119,83 €

Lifting wheels system. Simple, practical operation and without losing the assurance of the legs for optimal stability when using it, being able to easily move the cockpit to clean, change of site etc. *** The difference is in whether or not you have the right arm as standard in the Premiums, others have it as an extra, those who do not, take the...

57,03 €

Multi Pedal bracket to fix the pedals quickly and easily. Allow tilt and the pedals can be reversed. Valid for NWS LIFE, YOU and LIGHT cockpits. Also valid for other cockpits if they are 60cm. full width. The tray is 50.8cm. Wide.

57,02 €

Tilting multi-deck bracket valid for most wheels bases - commercial bases. The bracket has a total width of 60cm. Valid for cockpits that are 60cm. inside width, one of the most standard measures of Cockpits that are made with the tutorials that are on YouTube.

40,49 €

Lifting kit consisting of two longitudinal bars and a set of seat brackets, ideal for, in addition to gaining height and being in a higher position, to adjust the height of the Semibaquet in inclination. ***ESSENTIAL THIS KIT TO PLACE A BAQUET***

32,23 €

Reinforcements that link the bridge to the pedalboard system for the Cockpit YOU.It includes both units.

28,92 €

Tilting multi-steering wheel tray valid for most steering wheels - commercial bases.

28,92 €

Reversible seat braquets, valid for both baquets and semibaquets. After a while testing seat brackets of almost all brands we saw that none was compatible with practically all seats and baquets on the market, so we decided to make our own.

16,52 €

TSS HANDBRAKE SPARCO MOD plate to easyly fit it to the cockpit. Includes 2x M8x16 screws to fix it and 8x 4x12 countersunk screws to fix TSS. Made of 4mm steel. and painted with black epoxy paint. Obloid fixation for a better adjustment. Telescopic fixing for better adjustment.

16,52 €

4mm.steel and black epoxy painted plate to easily fit the fanatec handbrake to the cockpit.

11,98 €

VESA 75/100 bracket to easily attach almost any monitor up to 27 and 32 inches and Ultrawide 34 and 49 inches. Includes 2x M8x16 screws to fix it and 4x 4x12 screws to fix the monitor. Made of 4mm steel. and painted with black epoxy paint. Telescopic fixing for better adjustment.

10,74 €

Erases light scratches and dirt off anodized aluminium profiles and plates. Small measure: 4 x 5 x 2 cm. Small Large measure: 8 x 5 x 2 cm. Big

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