What is NWS and what do we do?

North World Sim was born thanks of our passion for SimRacing.

We began our journey in 2017, under the premise of always offering the best service and attention, all accompanied by providing the highest quality material and hardware as possible.

We are a multidisciplinary team that shares concerns and passion for this lifestyle. In North World Sim we believe in customers and we consider that having a good team is essential to do an excellent job and also makes working together a pleasure and an unbeatable experience. This good feeling and understanding between the members is noticeable in the final product, making our own range one of the best on the current market.

Why did we create North World Sim? Basically because we saw the big needing of good product that this sector has. North World Sim is a company where we can advise you on the acquisition of specific hardware for Simracing, adapting it to your needs, from a steering wheel to a complete and professional simulation position. A transparent company that works to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

It is currently one of the leading companies in the sector, thanks to our hard and careful work for both our products and our services.

What do we do and how does North World Sim work? We create aluminum structures for high competition simulation made to measure for the client. We are manufacturers for this, we have our own workshop, we take care of ordering the materials, such as aluminum, in the case of the Cockpit, (we work and mount each one carefully ourselves). This brings soul to each product, among other benefits like being able to customize and adapt the cockpit to the needs of each customers. We create our own products such as custom pieces of materials such as aluminum and carbon. Rings, pedals, steering wheels, button boxes, magnetic shifters, gloves for simracing, screens to couple to OSW, Fanatec ... etc...

We supply the best components and materials on the market to businesses, teams, competition organizers, events and individuals.